Why do I have to wait in order to buy a Weeve or a Planet NFT?

Essentially to protect you from loosing your funds or getting scammed.

When interacting with SmartWeave, the interaction information needs to be stored and confirmed by the miners. The SmartWeave contract verifies if the amount of AR sent during the transaction to the NFT owner match with the price set in order to validate ownership shift. But what if several people decided to buy the same NFT during the same short interval? Only the buying interaction mined first would allow the ownership shift while other interactions, confirmed later, would be invalidated.

That’s why a transaction on Argora is made in 2 steps:

1. Order -> The NFT contract lock the sale to be valid only for you during 24h.

2. Purchase -> When this interaction is confirmed by the network, Argora verifies your exclusivity on the deal and let you purchase definitely and safely the NFT you wanted to acquire (congrats!)

To prevent abusive redundant NFT locks, a small fee is required to be paid for the Order step to be valid.